Select Accomplishments

Raised $16M in investment capital over 8 years and grew sales from $0 to $3.5M as President and CEO of an emerging software company

Directed and completed public registration of company stock as vehicle to attract high net investor interest

Developed strategic alliances with such major corporations as Xerox, Danka, Imagistics, Konica, Minolta, Sharp, Panasonic, Canon, Ikon, Kyocera Mita, and Lanier

Recruited by investors of a leading globally based manufacturer to build a $100M LBO into a profitable, competitive market leader, saving the Bank of Boston relationship

Increased margins from 14% to 40% by introducing a new product line, thereby changing company’s direction and preventing it from going out of business

Cornered the New Zealand and Australia markets with 58%

Sold off Australian operations for $20M to pay down bank debt and enable investment in market focus and overall profitability

Sold off $13M in high-cost real estate and leased back only what was needed at highly favorable rates

Achieved a near doubling of profits from 22% to 43% in two years by cutting the distribution base by 40% from 500 to 300 and changing the reward systems to promote a more profitable mix of products

Despite a major economic downturn, identified key market opportunities and attained the company’s first profitable performance in four years, adding $2M to the bottom line
Built and strengthened market position through an austere budgeting program, introducing JIT and TQM to the manufacturing process, optimizing market opportunities against product mixes
Convinced Pacific Dunlop to buy the company and paid off the Bank of Boston and moved to asset-based lender
Founded a consulting firm and developed a team of more than 20 consultants on the way to annual profitability of $1.5M

Contracted by major financial institutions to strengthen and win back problem clients with new, more robust marketing, sales and profit-improvement programs

Built and sustained a solid reputation among top banks for performance excellence and integrity, resulting in firm’s placement on the Preferred Referral Lists of the Bank of Boston, Citicorp, Wells Fargo, Bankers Trust, and Drexel, Burnham

100% success rate in resolving and completing loan obligations, restructuring company to become performing instead of non-performing loans
Developed programs to protect the position of both companies and investors

Created and developed the California office of a credit systems and services firm and grew from less than $1M to over $8M in one year, and increased regional growth from dead last to #1 nationwide

Hired and trained all key personnel and grew staffing over 11x from 4 to 45

About E. Ted Daniels

E. Ted Daniels Associates

"Transforming Potential Into Peak Performance"

Vigorous, high-profile C-Level Executive & Successful Company Founder with Global reach and exposure. Offering a wealth of experience and leadership built over decades of extensive, broad-based successes for both domestic and international operations in pursuing and achieving short- and long-term revenue, profit and margin growth.

Widely recognized leader who brings distinct financial creativity to companies ready for major change. A true leadership persona using creative financial strategies to turn around or save unprofitable companies. The vision to see through the fog and minutiae to the reality of where a company is going and how to get there.

Profile — Record of Leadership, Savvy, Success

Identifying key market opportunities even during major economic downturns

Record of effectively structuring organizations both financially and culturally for sustained growth, competitive strength and market value, identifying and building value where others have failed

Successfully managed, assessed, and or turned around over 160 $5M to $300M public and private client companies, pinpointing and resolving financial problems, connecting with prime decision-makers with the leverage of Preferred status, transforming the banking relationship, transitioning lending institutions, changing direction with new product introductions in saving companies and facilitating their profitable sale

Secured Preferred status with major banks both as CEO and the consulting company itself, and became turnaround and problem-solver for M&A and major bank customers, with a clean record of no monetary losses, no lawsuits, and highly ethical deal-making

Leadership of successful start-up and turnaround projects, achieving growth and expansion of established companies, hungry to help another company grow

Savvy for both accounting and legal dimensions of business, understanding every nuance and refined instincts for applying the best methods to get the best and fastest results

Providing empowering executive coaching and mentoring that has driven many to career advancement

Sales and Marketing expert with excellent instinct for product viability on the end user side, emulating the Steve Jobs model and vision

Quickly identifying and capturing the most fertile markets in multiple industries to gain maximum return on investments
Extensive record of stepping in and reviving troubled companies, quickly uncovering weaknesses and renewing confidence

Successful navigation of the complex requirements of the financial world

Comprehensive understanding and ability to solve complex business problems
Created financial control systems to support asset-based borrowing, and individual credit scoring systems, excess capital and inventory management reduction
Passionate speaker and presenter

Devoted to giving back to the community, including helping inmates of the Kairos Prison Ministry International, as well as other struggling populations, live a more spiritual life

E. Te4d Daniels

Bermuda Dunes, CA