Executive Coaching is not a new word for consulting. Many consulting firms have merely replaced the word “consulting” with “coaching” in their marketing materials. Executive Coaching is much more than rendering advice, mentoring or providing solutions to problems. There is a distinct form of coaching that is used in the corporate environment.
Let E. Ted Daniels Associates coach your executives and improve their talents to the benefit of your business.

Executive Coaching builds:

     - Stronger, more productive and valuable employees

     - Dramatic short-term impact for companies coupled with long-term sustainable improvements

     - Support for individual planning, goal setting and achievement

     - Personal discovery and enlightenment

     - Tangible business results

     - Personal productivity

     - Increased job satisfaction

     - Reduction of job related stress

     - A nonjudgmental venue where executives can vent

     - Managers into leaders

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Executive Coaching

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