Investor Evaluations

The best time to utilize a Company Investor Evaluation by E. Ted Daniels Associates is before you make a sizable investment in a company. We can determine a company’s market, market share, strengths, problems and pinpoint weaknesses before you invest.

Venture capital investors, investor groups and individual investors can benefit from a company evaluation. If the first year’s results of the company fail to meet the expectations and projected goals, it is time to investigate the problems and strengths against possible solutions and performance issues. Your executive team may need outside corporate assistance. Ted Daniels has the corporate background, as a former CEO, COO and venture capital fundraiser, to help your executives facilitate the necessary changes to increase profitability.

With one phone call, we can privately and securely discuss your concerns.

Ted Daniels can provide the right answer, helping identify and solve problems, whether the evaluation is for a new investment or an existing investment. A candid recommendation will be submitted, and you will be advised if is prudent to avoid initial or continued capital investment, or if core changes are required—replacement of the management team or development of a new business plan. All aspects of the company will be examined, including sales, competition, distribution, customer service, employee training, accounts receivable and accounts payable (purchasing and expenses), market conditions, etc. Any change or correction needed to effect profit will be identified for you. Non-disclosure is guaranteed.

Of note, in the previous robust economy many business investments were profitable. In today’s investment market, it is a much different world, and an outside evaluation can help bring efficiency and profitability to a company.

Please consider giving E. Ted Daniels Associates the opportunity to evaluate the company where you plan to invest or have already invested your money.

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